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Many schools, churches and organizations are faced with the choice of buying stoles directly from a wholesaler, or from another distributor such as a bookstore, or a third-party reseller.

If you’re interested in saving money and getting better service, it’s best to partner directly with a manufacturer such as, for your wholesale graduation stoles & wholesale choir and clergy stoles. Learn more about the benefits of doing so below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I receive my quote from you?

If your request is submitted during our business hours we will email you a quote within 24 hours. If you'd like to purchase immediately you can buy online on our sites, add your grad products to the checkout and download your order.

What do I do once I have received my quote?

Once you receive the quote please go through it in detail and ask us any questions you may have. After you have approved your quote the next step is placing an order. Most of our customers will order straight away so they give them ample of time to have their graduation products in on time.

Am I able to order online?

100% .... YES!!! We are one of the largest online wholesalers of graduation products. It is easy, quick and simple all you need to do is choose the category of product you are looking for and are easy to use site will be a breeze to take you all the way to the checkout.

Do you offer customized stoles?

Yes! Customizable stoles or sashes for any event is our specialty. To customize your stole, simply go to "Customize your Stole" on our website and create your own custom stole or sash within seconds.

Do you offer tiered pricing discounts?

Yes, we offer quantity pricing. Once we receive your quote we will get back to you with our best pricing possible based on the quantity and date you need your products.

Is a Quote Request binding?

Requesting a quote from us is not binding at all. It is just an easier way for us to understand what our customers are needing and for them to explain in more detail.




The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Graduation Stoles from

Save money – Unlike distributors, who are paid a commission on every order, takes no commission. This translates into savings on every stole you buy – potentially allowing you to upgrade to a higher-quality garment.

No middle men – You are directly in contact with us during the manufacturing process, reducing the chances of miscommunications and issues with your order.

Design advice – Our team of design experts have decades of experience, and can help you design modern, attractive, and affordable stoles.

Better samples – Most distributors have to pay for samples, so they offer minimal sample products. But offers custom-made sample sashes and stoles to our customers.

Accurate information – We’re the ones making our products, so we know them inside and out. You’ll get samples, as well as truly accurate information about each stole that you order.

We take special orders – You can design your own graduation stoles and choir stoles, or we can help you do so, with information about your school’s colors, graduation venue, mascot and other information.

Immediate status updates allows you to track the status of your order. From creation, to finishing, packaging and shipping. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on.

Easily order different stole sizes – Should you need differently-sized stoles, such as for a class of elementary school students as well as middle schoolers and high schoolers, we make it easy for you to do so, and get custom-measured wholesale graduation stoles.

See our past results – We can provide you with examples of some of our past stoles, and schools in the area who have used our services. This lets you get even more information about our products and services.

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