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Silver Graduation Stoles in Canada

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Graduation Stoles in Canada

What is the definition of a Graduation Stole?

A graduation stole is also often termed a sash. The graduation stole is placed on the outside of the graduation gown to portray the achievement of the student while attending college or high school.

Graduation stoles have a history of being representations of the level of the degree the student is being given, the academic sphere of study the student has pursued, or honors they have obtained. The stoles, therefore, must be distinctive, which is why they are different colors.

History of Canadian Graduation Stoles

It is realized that gowns, hoods and caps possess a long history of existence. Cords and stoles also possess a lengthy history. In fact, they have been around for a longer period of time than gowns and caps, but they were not always applied in an academic environment. Stoles have been in usage as far back as the twelfth century and were typically part of the outfits of priests in order to demonstrate their level of authority. Then this concept carried over to academic institutions.

The American Academic Costume Code was an element of the American Council on Education which was instituted in the year of 1893. This organization stipulates the standards that are applicable to the usage of hoods, gowns and caps. However, they do not implement standards concerning the usage of cords or stoles. Each individual academic establishment has the freedom to set its own preferences.

Distinction Between Cords and Stoles in Canada

Some students who graduate may wear both cord and stoles. The cords resemble ropes that are colorful and the ends of the cords have tassels attached to them. Cords are considered to be much like graduation stoles. But the cords generally only portray honors that the student has obtained.

It is possible for a student to have more than one cord and the cords can be different colors. This is based on the number of honors the student has earned and what kind of honors have been earned.

Stoles must also be earned; and in such cases that the student has earned more than one stole, he or she must decide which one he or she will wear. This is based on the tradition that it is only permissible to wear one, though more than one stole may have been earned by the student.

Cords and Stoles at a Canadian High School Graduation

It is really the decision of the leaders of the high school if it is permissible for students to promenade with stoles as part of their graduation attire. Some schools may provide the student with the option to wear soles or stoles may be given to particular students because of their achievements, such as the class president, the salutatorian and the valedictorian.

Cords are sometimes provided for students who have achieved honors. Cords and stoles are much more typical in colleges and universities.

Meaning of Various Colors of Stoles

It is typical for students to have different colors of stoles. That is why it is interesting to know what these various colors mean.

White represents studies in arts, humanities and English. Beige represents studies in business. Green represents studies in medicine, physical education as well as pharmacy. Orange is representative of studies in engineering.

The colors do not stop there due to the fact that brown represents architecture and fine arts. Moreover, gray represents veterinary science as well as husbandry. Light blue denotes studies in education, while pink denotes studies in music.

Yes, there are still some more colors to consider. Purple is recognized as being representative of studies in law. Yellow provides representation for studies in mathematics and science. Dark blue makes reference to studies in political science and philosophy.

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